How We Do It

What we do …..

Big love, small studio, extraordinary art!

Big Love – Art is our passion that allows us to bond further as a couple and that affection is revealed in what we create.

Small Studio – Our studio is a two-car garage transformed into a studio with (4) workstations that allow us to work on multiple pieces at a time – we may be small but we are big on imagination. 

Extraordinary Art– We are Artist’s that experiment and delve into several evolving formats of imaginative design. 

We presently are successfully, yet forever learning and growing in the mediums of Fluid Art and Abstract Art as well as dabbling in Spray Art. We create with only proven high end acrylic paints, oils paints, and enamels and utilize many combinations of these mediums to achieve our inspiration. 

Tools of the trade consist of dozens of paint brushes, templates, stencils, and many items that you would not think of such as; colanders, caps of every sort, washers, nuts, and even a handle off of an old spigot. Tape is a daily necessity as we use it on every project from protecting the back of the artwork to forming straights lines. 

Our art is unique, imaginative, decorative, modern, and thought provoking but may not suit everyone – we welcome criticism (as long as it is professional) as we believe that is how one grows and develops with an open mind. Given that, we paint what brings happiness to our hearts and allows this venture to never feel like work.

We do not participate in Galleries and do not have any desire to pursue galleries – as they may be okay for other artists – we do not want to be corporate tenured.  

All of our paintings are all original and one of a kind. Presently we do not indulge in prints, but it may be something we will look at in the years to come.

Art is our passion and we work hard at it as well as in keeping a full-time career, Art is our “End Game” – it is our drive to succeed, and it’s fun, too! 

Join Us for the Ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

~Click on the “I Want That” tab and you will be taken to a brief questionnaire that gets sent directly to us. We review our email multiple times per day and will respond to you ASAP. We will then answer your questions, provide you with delivery options, and start the process for your new painting to arrive at your home.
~ All of our paintings come with a means to hang them. We have several options and many times it comes down to size, framing, and if its parts of a diptych or triptych style piece. Some of our smaller paintings will utilize a wire and hook, while some others will utilize an “alligator style bracket”.

~Absolutely! We would love for you to stop by and walk our shop with us.

~Can we, yes – However, due to Brad’s advanced deteriorating lung condition, in many instances we could not – but it does not hurt to ask! Obstacles that may keep us from doing so can include: dogs in the home, smokers in the home, mold/mildew in the home, sickness in the home, etc.

~We use only acrylic paint (Brad has now started experimenting with Oils, too) All of our paintings have been thoroughly dried and cured for a minimum of two weeks. When they are completely dried, we then apply an Isolation Coat that needs to cure for a minimum of two days before we apply at least two coats of Liquitex Varnish as the finishing coat to seal it and protect it.

~Send us a picture of your wall where you want the painting to go and we have the technology to place a digital photo on that wall, sized correctly and send it back to you to see if it’s a good match for your space.

~ All sales sales are final. We do not offer refunds. Please take advantage of our Room Rendering service before purchasing your piece. We will always do our best to make you happy if the painting is damaged in some way upon arrival. Please note that we do carry insurance for all shipped pieces and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction if something unforeseen happens to the painting in transit. Also please note that no two pieces of artwork are ever the same. If a replacement piece is required due to damage, we will do our best to get you what you want but can not replace the exact piece you purchased.

~Yes! Please contact us directly – we will be happy to discuss with you; options, colors, sizing, and costs. We look forward to building a relationship so that you will come to us for additional pieces. We protect both our client and the artist with a contract for all commissioned works. Ask for a copy if you’d like to check it out.

~ At the present time, we do not. However, keep on the look out as we are looking to start a video series on Fluid Art by Melissa. In the meantime, our YouTube channel does provide some short tutorials for you to enjoy.

~Yes, we would love to have you join us for a short tour and even look at our inventory.

~We are not in any galleries and we do not participate in exhibitions – we are the epitome of “Big Love, Small Studio, Extraordinary Art”. Galleries may be desirable to some artists however it reflects in our eyes the Corporate World and we feel what we do is our personal passion and not for a corporate mentality.

~Yes, we do! There are many items for coordination and we will work through all of those items with you. We build our own crates and have the ability to transport where needed. Please know that customs in your country may charge import duties or handling fees on the front and/or back end of the sale. Unfortunately, those fees are not covered by Avondale Art Studio and you need to be aware of what may come back as your responsibility.

FedEx is our preferred shipping partner and will be used for all shipments unless FedEx does not deliver to your specific address. You will need to provide that information to us before shipping is scheduled.

We can and have resined our pieces but prefer not to due to Brad’s deteriorating lung condition and how it aggravates it. If a resin topcoat is something you desire, please let us know and we’ll make it happen but it will be an added expense that we will discuss with you. It also weighs your shipping package down so that will impact your shipping price as well.

Yes, our pieces are signed on the front as well as the back, stamped on the back and also include a certificate of authenticity.

No two pieces of original artwork will ever be the same and nor should they as then they wouldn’t be “original”. However, we are willing to work with you on a commission basis to create a similar piece that uses the same colors, mediums, etc. as the piece you love that is already sold.