Who We Are / What we Do

We are
Brad and Melissa Ervin

Big love, small studio, extraordinary art!

Who we are? – Yep, another anagram…LOL – we want you to know and enjoy our mission as we truly enjoy your interest in Avondale Art Studio.

We are ...

A – Always supportive of each other in our own creative hemispheres that work to not only bookend our marriage, but also compliments our ingenuity.
V – Vivid, Creative, Colorful People – We both think in color, especially in the art world through marriages of color that accentuate our art pieces.
O – Open minded to all art styles and understandings. Often times, we find ourselves simply enjoying what other artists are creating and try to envision how the imagery drives that individual.
N – “Never hold back!”  is our mantra. On anything, including what you think creativity is!  It may not always work, but it sure was a lot of damn fun getting there!
D – Driven to succeed! As in, we always both yearn to deliver a piece of art that has exceeded even our own imagination. Many times, both of us have just scraped a “finished” piece as it did align with our thoughts or artistic vision.
A – Artistry and Art have been intrinsic in both of our lives. Melissa and her many years of being a teacher – not just a “teacher”, but a creative entrepreneur always driven to deliver out of the box thinking to make learning fun, witty, and exciting for the children; education that created a lasting impact on their souls. Even today, students continue to reach back out to her from a decade ago and tell her that she was one of the most inspirational people in their lives. Brad has been creating for more than three decades, through wood working, construction, and a “Mr. Fix It” mentality that promoted the uncanny ability to always find a solution to any issue. Construction style; from Sammy Hager’s Cabo Wabo Cantina in Vegas to working with an unbelievable designer (and friend) – David Berg (David M Berg LTD Columbus, OH) – who helped him learn to approach different aspects of design from multiple perspectives.
L – Love – Passion – Our minds, souls and hearts are uniquely connected to each other. Melissa will be at the grocery and Brad at home – he thinks of something that he would like – Guess What? Melissa somehow knows and brings it home. What we have is more than priceless, – we are soulmates, bookends and each other’s rock. As a couple, we have experienced multitudes of not only love, joy, laughter, smiles and happiness but also pain, heartache, sadness, trauma and growth since uniting in 1989 that it has made the bond between us unbelievably strong and structural. We are each other’s champion and look forward to each and every sunrise.
E – Everything we are fuses together in this place that we call HOME and grows through our love of ART and CREATIVITY. We dwell on it throughout the day, we sleep on it at night and it magically brings never-ending warmth and passion to our souls.

We hope you enjoyed the tidbit of who we are above – now let’s bring some more “happy” into your life!  Let us know what we can create together for you!